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Broiler farming with pictures



1- Making of space for the reception of day old chiks




First separate a part of the house by plastic curtains to isolate the temperature of the radiant heaters, then spread the straw and put in the radiant heaters (1 per thousand subjects), and light them 3 hours - (depending on the season) - before arrival of the day old chicks.

You have to wait half an hour until an hour before the arrival of the chicks to put small drinkers filled with sugar water (10 g / 1L of water) and disperse them throughout the space.


2-The arrival of the chicks




When the chicks arrive, the chicks must be emptied at a temperature of 34 ° C (ambient temperature under the heaters) and control their behavior, if the chicks are well dispersed in the starting area then the temperature is optimal.


3- Feed distribution after 3 hours of arrival of the chicks




After 3 hours of the arrival of the chicks, distribute the feed in empty plates and feed bags so that all the subjects can access the feed easily.


4- 15 days old chicks


We are starting to put 2nd age equipment at 8-10 days for automatic drinkers (2m) and at 10 days of age for feeders (hoppers). you must always keep the building ventilated to expel harmful gases, and to maintain an excellent quality atmosphere in the building.





5-Starting chicks




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