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The agricultural council in Moroccco


The new strategy for the development of the "Agricultural Council" was developed by the Department of Agriculture with the objective of supporting farmers and the transfer of agricultural know-how in the field.


This strategy compensates for the many shortcomings noted in the so-called "popularization" system, which fished by its low regional coverage, its inadequate resources, and the weakness of the human and financial resources devoted to it.


The launch of this strategy under its new name of "Agricultural Advisory", marks therefore a break which aims at the valorization of this essential and inescapable link of the production chain with a view to the modernization of the farmers' practices. Inspired by several international experiences, the new strategy of "Agricultural Council" revolves around 3 axes:



- The development of private agricultural advice, by providing it with an appropriate legal framework, and the declining subsidization of agricultural advisory services under certain conditions. The plurality of actors in Agricultural Advisory, thus consecrated, should stimulate the performance of the Consultants and improve the service to farmers, by adapting the offer to their specific needs.


- The revitalization of State services through the modernization of local structures, the restructuring of the network around 16 Regional Centers, the strengthening and training of the staff of advisers and the implementation of new modern communication and management tools knowledge.


-The empowerment of representative bodies of farmers (Office of Agriculture and Interprofessions) through a contractual commitment on a roadmap and strengthening of the overall coordination of the system.


The new Agricultural Council strategy also provides for the establishment of modern information and communication tools in order to generalize agricultural information. A call center, websites, specialized programs in the mass media are thus planned in the system set up by the Department of Agriculture.


Thus, the new device will allow the State to continue to guarantee a local public service for all farmers, while regulating and encouraging the development of private agricultural advice.