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Wrestle against heatstroke


In certain geographic regions (eg Morocco), thermal stress caused by heat stroke has harmful effects on growth and causes mortalities of up to 100%.

Heat stroke is, by definition, an environmental temperature that exceeds 30 ° C for about 12 hours (chronic thermal stress).


1 / Behavior of poultry during heat stroke


1. Significant removal of water by evaporation (Dehydration)

2. Hanging wings

3.Stop consumption of food (Slow growth)

4.Excess of water consumption (Wet litter)


6.High respiratory rate (Cardiac fatigue)


2 / Means of struggle


1. Immediate means:


-Reduce the density (maximum of 18Kg / m2)

-To be well ventilated in the morning before the heat peak

-Increase the number of watering points

-Distribute fresh water at will

-Stop food distribution during the heat period and light at night to promote consumption

-Keep litter dry

-Add 1mg of vitamin C + 0.3 mg of salicyclic acid (Aspirin) per liter of water

-Let the animals rest: do not shake, do not vaccinate, ...


2. Long-term means


-Provide ventilation (air circulation or tunnel extraction), and misting (misting or evaporating with PAD COOLING when the air humidity is less than 65%)


-Orientation of buildings must be East-West to reduce direct sunlight.