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Installation of a hatchery in Mauritania with a Moroccan investment


Under the aegis of the Hakem of Elmina and in the presence of the Mayor and several guests it took place on November 28, 2014 symbolic day the ceremony of the inauguration of a modern complex of a hatchery alongside the Atlantic Ocean at the west of the city of Nouakchott.

This investment, which amounts to 600 million Ouguiyas made by the Moroccan group Ouakkaha, is part of the cooperation between the two countries.


The Deputy Director of the group Mr Mouzouni Lahcen quoted that this project is aimed at improving food security in Mauritania; and the transfer of knowledge from Morocco in this area.


Mr Lahcen adds that as part of the development of the group's commercial activities for export to southern countries, the hatchery and its very modern equipment meet international quality standards as well as the requirements of food safety.

Its precise objective is to produce 120,000 day-old chicks per week of broiler chicken and farm chicken in order to supply the domestic Mauritanian market and also the neighboring African markets.


Thee Deputy Director led his guests to several departments of the complex explaining the different stages of production, highlighting the drastic hygienic measures that meet the requirements of modern farming.


It should be noted that the management of the Nouakchott complex was entrusted to a young National executive expert in the field of poultry farming which facilitates the task of marketing and transferring know-how to the national workforce.


Source: http://www.futureafrique.net