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Farmers in Mauritania protest outside the presidential palace ...!


Larger foreign chickens and competition is very high


Dozens of farmers demonstrated outside the presidential palace, bringing their chickens with them in protest at the license granted to Moroccan companies to sell chickens in Mauritania, which they consider to be unfair competition;

The vice president of poultry farmers in Mauritania El moukhtar ouled Hanafi showed his disappointment, in a statement to Maurinews, of the change in the poultry sector, where he was subsidized by the state during the presedential period of the former president Mouawia ould sidi hmed through aids and facilities presented in this area;

Mr Hanafi added that there was a decision to grant 130 million Okia as a subsidy for the installation of a unit for the production of compound feeds and incubators, something that has not yet completed; but it leaves us in front of unequal competition in front of these companies which are even our suppliers;

Mr Hd Amine Ouled Abas owner of a chicken coop told Maurinews that Mauritanian breeders are losing a lot due to the opening of doors to large foreign farmers to compete with us while we are just social cooperatives;

Mr Mouhamed amine ouled chrif owner of another chicken coop told Maurinews, that we must not stop our sources of income but on the contrary we must grant subsidies to be able to present a product that can survive against the rivalry of foreign chickens;

The Protestants all agree that the increase in the prices of their chickens is due to several factors, and the most important the taxation of chickens since a chicken is taxed at 50 Okia, also the taxation of compound feeds and the absence hatcheries in Mauritania which forces breeders to import day-old chicks from abroad;

The Protestants requested the intervention of President Mouhamed ouled Abd Aziz to stop foreign investments in the poultry sector and the creation of a hatchery for the procuring of the day-old chick.


SOURCE: translation from maurinews.net from 06/06/2011