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1- It is a good thing to start a poultry project, but to start a poultry project is something else entirely. You're not just going to become a chicken farmer, but an entrepreneur as well, depending on which sector you want to target and which type of farming you want to operate. In the chicken industry, there are two main sectors: laying hens, which are chickens raised to produce eggs for consumption, or broilers, chickens raised for slaughter. Whichever stream you choose, you need to make responsible and financial management decisions to make your chicken farm business profitable.

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2-Having land, capital and equipment. You can't start or maintain a chicken farm or business without these basic needs. You will need buildings to raise your chickens.
A well-designed building is the first element of a successful poultry farm. The production results (weight, feed consumption, mortality) are largely related to the environmental conditions inside the building. The animals must be in optimal conditions in order to achieve better results.
The animals must be in optimal conditions in order to obtain better results. Equipment is also necessary for the different manipulations (feeding, watering, cleaning,,,,,,,,,).

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3 Make a decision on the best way to raise your chickens. There are two main ways to raise them. Conventional closed systems, where the chickens are kept in closed buildings for their entire life span, on a compound feed that contains growth factors. Or the chickens are raised in cages. 
Open systems or oganic system allow your chickens to have access to the run with a density of 2 to 4 m² per hen to behave as naturally as possible with a mainly garins-based feed.


4-Find a niche market, if possible. If the area you are in is popular for raising chickens in a certain way (more conventional than free-range), you may wish to pursue a niche market that targets consumer interest in free-range chickens rather than conventionally raised chickens.



5-Get to know potential customers and consumers. Simply advertising yourself by letting others know that you have eggs or meat you want to sell. Often selling by word of mouth is much cheaper and still the most popular way of advertising than paying for an ad in the local newspaper that can get read by only a few people. However, there is no harm in doing that either, and there is also no harm in setting up a website promoting your product.


6-Follow your business and farm records and accounting. This is so you can always tell whether you are making money or not.



7-Breed your animals in accordance with local laws, i.e. before starting such a project, make sure that you follow the regulations and that you are authorized to carry out poultry farming activities.

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