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FISA reassures chicken and poultry consumers



The Association of poultry sector (FISA) has confirmed that all types of poultry meat placed on the market do not represent any danger to the health of the Moroccan consumer.


In a press release, FISA denounced articles published in national daily newspapers on January 17 concerning "irresponsible statements by the representative of a so-called association, which has no legitimacy under Law 03-12 on agricultural and fisheries inter-professions of 17/07/2012, inciting the non-consumption of meat from laying hens and breeders hens. »


The association, "for no reason than pushing up broiler prices, has set out to denigrate the quality of other poultry products," the release adds.

On the other hand, the FISA continues, meat from laying hens is "increasingly appreciated insofar as it meets the demand of a category of consumers who prefer it and finds in it taste values comparable to the so-called "beldi"or organioc chicken meat.


It should be noted that meat from laying and breeders hens has been on sale on the markets in Morocco for more than forty years, without this type of meat posing any health risk to Moroccan consumers, informs the h24info.

In Morocco, the poultry sector is governed by laws and is subject to the control of the National Office for Food Safety (ONSSA), which maintains close monitoring of the farms and regular control of meat for consumption.


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