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Acquisition of the VALLI group in Italy by Groupe De Ceuster in Belgium


The De Ceuster Group based in Belgium (Poultec) is from January 29, 2019 it became the new owner of Valli S.p.A located in Galeata, Italy.


Valli is a world leader in the production of cage and aviary systems for the poultry sector.

After more than 50 years of activity, the "VALLI" brand has become a solid reality worldwide, thanks to the trust of our customers, the punctuality of our suppliers as well as the stimulation of our competitors. The Dott. Roberto Valli was the promoter of a "made in Italy" style, above all represented by passion and love for what defines the true soul present in all VALLI products.


De Ceuster group

includes 3 main divisions:

- Plant maintenance division
- Animal care division: POULTEC
- Research and Development Division


For in the De Ceuster group's “Animal care” division, Valli will be a major asset for the continued growth of our activities.
Valli and the De Ceuster Group share the same passion for quality products, personalized service to its customers and long-term business relationships.


The new acquisition will combine the strength of the De Ceuster group and Valli; it will strengthen the Group's position in the poultry sector worldwide as well as the Group's ability to be a valued partner for its customers.
By offering a wider range of products and services, the Group will be in a better position to meet all of its customers' needs.

Valli will remain active as an independent company and continue its activities through its network of existing agents and distributors.
Mr. Marcello Valli will remain on board to ensure business continuity under the most optimal conditions