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"I share the conviction that Africa can feed its people and create jobs; by developing a sustainable and strong agriculture, including poultry farming "




























Welcome to my website

Poultry farming in Morocco, a site focused on poultry news in Morocco and Africa, was created by Younes GHMIROU- poultry consultant.

This site can play a very important role in the promotion of the poultry activity and in the synthesis of all the information that can be useful to the various operators and stakeholders.

This site can also inform any new investor on the sector, by giving all the information related to the poultry activity in Morocco, and also poultry farming in Morocco accompanies you in the realization of your poultry projects by the development of the personal studies adapted to your situation, and also the installation of your turnkey projects.




"Over the years, I have developed a know-how in the different poultry field that I put at the service of my clients. My commitment is to succeed your project by providing all the necessary keys (business plans, Assistance, installation ....)"


Also  I work with a company Specialist in sourcing products worldwide    who exports:

·          Petroleum products: Bitumen; Fuel; UREA……

·          Grains and inputs for animal feed and Human consumption (Sugar; Wheat; corn; soybeans, ,,,)  from Russia; Brazil, Ukraine,,,



- Technical and financial studies of poultry projects

- Automatic equipment (broiler, laying hen cage ...);

- Feed mill equipment from 500 Kg to 10 T / h;

- Poultry slaughterhouses;

- Incubator and Hatchery;

- Hatching Eggs

- Raw materials (Corn, Soybean, Sugar.....)

- Petroleum products (Fuel, Crude Oil, Mazut....)



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Poultry Consultant /Business devlopment

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